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(Without JSON.stringify, it doesnt show up in the results at all).So it "works" but feels hacky. Is there a better way to get an associative array in the client side javascript?Also, I was calling some of these variables in jQuerys document load and I needed to switch to this event that I found in the how to split variable from associative array value? Using jQuery.when() to combine a jquery Deferreds promise and a jqXHR: why is the jqXHRs data wrapped in an array? jQuery click event does not work when fullscreen iframe in the background? Ассоциативный массив невозможен. Его можно сымитировать при помощи объектов в массиве. О том как сделать подобие ассоциативного массива читайте на странице объекты в javascript. / converted stringify() to jQuery plugin. serializes a simple object to a JSON formatted string. Note: stringify() is different from jQuery.serialize() which URLEncodes form elements.recurse array or object. Iterating an associative array with jQuery .each. Probably the most contributing factor for this question is that I am extremely sleepy right now.Convert javascript associative array to json object using stringify and vice versa. I need to create an array of associative arrays for sending the same to php script as ajax post. How do I do that? To be a little more specific, I have rows of two inputs named "First Name" and "Last Name".var jsondata JSON.stringify(holddata) alert(jsondata) .

ajax( . Библиотека jQuery имеет несколько методов, например, getJSON() и parseJSON(), которые упрощают получение данных с помощьюJavaScript имеет встроенный метод JSON.stringify(), который берет переменную и возвращает строку JSON, представляющую ее содержание. The second parameter accepts a boolean that when set as true, tells it to return the objects as associative arrays.jQuery 1.x has a .parseJSON() method that should fill in the gaps for those browsers if youreJavaScript has a JSON.stringify method to convert a value into a JSON string. I am using jQuery to post a json object to my php application. jQuery .post("save.php",JSON.stringify(dataToSend), function(data) alert(data)In php I am trying to turn this into an associative array. Кстати, вы тестировали вариант на чистом JS или jQuery? Впрочем, можно и cookie использовать.

internalfields array ("submit", "reset", "send", "filesize", "formid", "captchacode"Если нужно его преобразовать в JSON-строку: var json JSON.stringify (obj) Прочитав этот урок, вы научитесь при помощи JQuery отправлять AJAX-запросы на сервер, обрабатывать их и возвращать ответ.len : userMessage.length . var jsonMessage JSON.stringify(objMessage) .ajax(. Tags : Jquery JSON stringify array empty.I cant just submit the form, because the form is being recycled many times over, so the form values are being stored in associative arrays An important note: JavaScript Arrays are not associative arrays like those you might be used to from PHP. If your " array key" is a string, youre no longer operating on the contents of an array .You should do something like this: data: JSON.stringify() Ассоциативные массивы. Класс Array рекомендуется использовать только для массивов с числовыми индексами.alert(JSON.stringify([1,2,3, text])). Только учтите, что нативная работа с JSON еще не очень кроссбраузерна. What I wanted was for data to be an associative array as ("form").submit(function(event) var formInput (form).serializeObject() formInput JSON. stringify(formInput) jQuery(countryselect option:selected).val() ) I want to now use that key to interface with another PHP array which contain information about the country and display that country in the countrykey div instead of the selected value Why would JSON.stringify() return: [] The same happens with jQuery: .JSON.encode(). What could cause this?So the root reason for why this happens is that in JSON (as specified by RFC 7159) there are no associative arrays in the JavaScripts Array sense — i.e. arrays whose keys are strings. Replies(3). Kevin B. Re: Convert string into Associative Array. 5 years ago.To make it an object, you would have to get the querstring portion of it and use .split and a for loop to construct an object, then stringify the object to json. body>