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You should exercise that same caution when using a spirit board.Ouija Board Rule 3: Dont Forget to Say Goodbye. Because you dont see the entity in front of you, it can be easy to just pack up the board and call it a day. For a new person that has not messed with a ouija board, what would be your rules/guidelines when using one.Most specialists propose utilizing the board during the evening when, they say, less obstruction is in the air, yet you can utilize it whenever. Alyxx: I use my Ouija board all the time, and Ive never had any problems. Sometimes I do a quick grounding and shielding beforehand, other times I dive right in. I know a lot of people say Ouija boards are dangerous, but I think everyone has their own individual experience with it. The best time to use a Ouija board is in the evening, close to midnight. The connection to the spirit world is stronger during the fall and winter months, asYou never know if the spirit wants to trick you by not talking to you and then when you give up and dont say goodbye, the spirit will still be there It is important to enter into a trance when using a Ouija Board. Place your fingertips lightly on each side of the planchette.I dont remember how long I was using the board. This was for quite a while. He asked me to say something specific out loud. You can use a ouija board on your own but you may find it hard to get any response from the spirits, so its best to find at leastWhile asking questions always be polite, say please and thank the spirit when it answers. All spirits are different, some will move the planchette slowly, others much quicker.

This combined with a strong subconscious need for an answer, like what one might feel when using a Ouija board, leads to players"Ask someoneWhats the capital of Cambodia? and they might say, I have no idea," said Docky Duncan, one of the researchers from UBCs Visual Cognition Lab who Halloween is a good time to contact the spirit world. However, is a ouija board a wise method to use?5. When you want to end the session, tell the spirit that it is time to finish. Say goodbye. The spirits much prefer to use the spirit box to the Ouija. (I have recorded EVPs that say so).The board, when used correctly does work and will connect you will a spirit, a lost soul, or whoever. If a Demon does come through, all they can do is try to scare you. Hi. Im Dave. Dave the Ouija board. Finished? Theres usually some sort of response at this point. Swearing. Laughter. General disbelief.

Dont worry, Im used to it. Just let me know when youre done. It used to confuse me, that response Even after everything I read, I still like to use the Ouija board.Does not happen all the time--only when the person loses control for a moment. Speaks out of turn in a social situation. What is said is not related to the current conversation. Two factors are at play when using an Ouija board: A strong subconscious need for an answer to a question and a phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect. The ideomotor effect says that people can move or move something without their conscious mind realizing it. How to Use a Ouija Board. Four Parts:Printable Ouija Board Create the Ambience The Proper Mindset Playing the Game Community QA.If you get a bad spirit, thank the spirit for its time and say goodbye. When the planchette sweeps over goodbye, it means the bad spirit is gone. So, if you are interested in using the Ouija board properly, here are some guidelines. Right below them are the no-nos of using the boardWhen finishing the seance, place the glass on Good Bye and say that you are now leaving. Everyone should then remove their hands from the board and the table. How to Use a Ouija Board. Some general rules weve found useful are: Say hello by moving the planchette to Hello, if there is one on your board.Place your fingers on the board and move the planchette purposefully. This way, you can get used to what it feels like when you move it, versus Just make sure you say "goodbye" when youre done.A Ouija board is used to communicate with the dead. For the most part, its innocent, lighthearted fun. However, sometimes things can get really spooky, really fast. About the Paranormal. Can You Use a Ouija Board Alone?Psychics Directory advises you first request the spirits say goodbye, making sure to thank them for their time.

The spirits should move the planchette to Goodbye, and the session formerly ends when you close the board. The Ouija was asked when each and every person in the room would diewell, when it got to me (I was not participating in using the board, I was just standing in the back of the room watching), it said in the year "199?" Also good information is written here How To Use A Ouija Board. Basic Guide to Your Spirit Board - Suggestions for Using the Ouija Board - Spirit Board.Most importantly, if you feel anything threatening or evil say goodbye and put the board up immediately. When you feel reasonably safe Answer: When I was about 10 years old I cajoled my mom into buying me a ouija board.Since we never got any real information we could use and it was all just posturing and poppycock from this T character, I couldnt really say if the ouija board was real or not. "Are there any demons who want to say something?" he repeated. "Tell us your name. When the planchette scooted to the left, I jerked my head up to stare at him.Dont use the Ouija board. And if you do, research the dos and donts (something we clearly did not do). Ouija boards can be dangerous tools when in the hands of the wrong people.Some people like to say a prayer over the board before beginning. Most people will use their dominant hand to work the board. Ouija board cups and dowsing wands just two examples of mystical items that seem to move of their own accord, when they are really being moved by the peopleInstead, just ask yourself a question any question and say that the weight will swing clockwise to answer "Yes" and anticlockwise for "No". Have you ever used an Ouija board? They arent as innocent as Toys R Us may say.Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines. Well, this is a very interesting hub. I used to play with the ouija board when I was 13 as well. I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an ouija in their basement.One night after visiting Johnny, they were at Shellys when they decided to try out a ouija board. If the Ouija board works, when you try it alone, consider trying the following: Have a friend sit near you, close your eyes, and then you alone use the board.In science, we look to the preponderance of evidence to say with the most amount of certainty that something is true or not. One night many years ago, she and a friend were using a Ouija board when they began to get some very strange messages from a spirit claiming to be from Malaysia.Ziggy says it might be a good idea. I know Im not alone when I say, as a kid, I was all about dusting off the Ouija board in a friends basement Halloween nightAmy Bruni adds, If you want to use an Ouija board for fun and to goof around with your friends, great. But as an actual spirit communication tool, they are ineffective at best. (National Examiner, 31787 by Robert Stamper). I invited a foul horror into my house with a Ouija board. My brother and I got no results when we started to use the psychic"We were just playing around with it when suddenly the planchette that spells out answers began moving by itself," says John. Even when very religious folk told me to stop or my soul would be damned. Happy to say it doesnt feel damned, and with this method Ive had the most amazing Ouija sessions.SIDE NOTE :: Some have asked, What about Rule 4? — Never use the Ouija Board alone? Not true! Furthermore, Ouija boards only work when people are involved. They are simply a psychic tool like any other tool. You can use it wisely or destructively.Popularly, the term "Ouija" is said to have been derived from the French and German words for, "Yes," "Oui" and "Ja." Do witches use Ouija boards? Ouijas are non-denominational. Anyone can use a Ouija board. Im a Wiccan, a witch-practitioner.Make it easy on yourself and browse our Gallery of Talking Boards. When you find your board, just say, "its the Ouija board, Gallery One, second one down," or Recently on their Twitter account they released a list of six rules you should never break when you use the Ouija Board and I thought we would go over those rules today.However, it also seemed like a spirit that was in a real rush to say goodbye and to leave us. If you ever use a Ouija board, you should read this page before you start your session-it can help you a lot.If a spirit moves the planchette that looks like its about to say hell, or demon, or devil, or anything like that, move it to goodbye. If you do not take care when using a Ouija Board, you are likely to frighten yourself and think the board is evil.Basic guidelines if you must use a ouija board Never: Never use alcohol or drugs before using a ouija board.8. As you feel the colour and energy flowing, say: "I What does it mean when the ouija board says goodbye? It means that Ouija wants to say goodbye to you and you should say "Goodbye, Ouija" and it will stop moving.My dad said if you use a ouija board you can bring evil demons or ghosts to your home. Nothing happens when you dont say goodbye they are always open.How are Ouija boards supposed to work? What happens if you use a ouija board alone? We spent a lot of time together and one day I asked if any of them had ever worked with the Ouija board. They hadnt, so I said lets get one and see which of you can make it work.Do not do the board when you are in a bad mood. Do not use the board to pry into others privacy. They said they were really drunk and fooling around with it. Apparently the spirit was warning them to stop making fun of it, and they didnt.I believe that if you believe in something hard enough, it can come to pass. Nothing happens when you use a Ouija board, however something may happen if What Youll Need When Using a Ouija Board.You should always say a prayer before you play with your board. Something as simple as asking for only those who seek to communicate to come forward and for only good spirits to come through. The simple answer is: Dont do it I recommend you strongly not to use a Ouija board, says Craig. When they work theyre like an open door to all emotions and feelings, so our own thoughts can effect it and be very deceiving. Also, its always kind of comforting and reassuring to me when other people talk about their struggles (like what you said about depression and body image), because it remindsLog in to reply. Imogen-Rose October 3rd, 2013 8:16 PM. this is so great. exactly what its like when I used a ouija board. Most specialists propose utilizing the board during the evening when, they say, less obstruction is in the air, yet you can utilize it whenever. Make some atmosphere. The Ouija is more fun if you obscure the room and light a few candles. Using a Ouija Board. It is often helpful to write down the questions you wish to ask before you begin.A Prayer to go by. Always say a prayer Many of you have e-mailed me about what one should say when encountering a dark spirit or some unwanted and pestering entity. If you believe you are getting a crock of crap, end the session, say goodbye to the entity, and try again later. NEVER leave the planchette on the board whenPretty much the Japanese version of a Ouija boards. Im assuming the same rules apply but with the fact that the coin in use MUST be spent Unfortunately, some engage the board with more of a nave curiosity than a significantly warranted concern as to what its going to say.me and my freinds used a ouija board and same thing but when we traced its path it made a pentagram dont know what i should do. If you consider the Ouija board as just another toy, then there are no hard and fast rules to follow.Also, a well-lit area is said to drive away evil spirits. Always say goodbye to the entity you are talking with when you want to end a session. Reader submitted stories, personal encounters with the Ouija Board. Do you believe a Ouija Board could be used to contact the "other" side?when you plat the quija board you ask questions about the ghost and then you ll know if its a good or bad spirit meaning if you say youve played in your When youre in the middle of a sentence and they go, well, Im not saying everyone would recognize that but its totally different, I mean just gone, the energys finished, gone.Safely Use The Ouija Board - Example Video - Продолжительность: 6:39 The Ghost Walks 21 498 просмотров. destiney says: 11/10/2008 at 10:13 PM. Im 16 years old and if i buy me a Ouija Board what is the safest way to use one and does it let u talk to the dead if so i want to talk to my father who passed away when i was 8 years old the crazy thing

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