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Enter your value in one of the conversion calculators below: Convert US mpg to L/100km.mile to gallon to kilometers per liter cups to mls conversion conversions inches to cms grams to ounces chart formula to convert meters to centimeters meters to centimeters squared 8ft in metres centimetri u Km L To Miles Per Gallon Formula. Not Found. MPG (US) в L/100km L/100 km в MPG (US). ОкруглениеДанный калькулятор позволяет перевести MPG в метрическую систему измерения расхода топлива - литры на 100 км (л/100 км, L/100km) а также в обратную сторону. MPG to L/100km and L/100km to MPG Fuel Efficiency Conversion Calculator.Automobile fuel efficiency can be calculated in either l/100km or MPG (Liters per 100 kilometers or miles per gallon). Fuel Economy. Formulas. Mpg.Europeans define fuel consumption in liters of fuel needed for 100 kilometers of travel. Heres the quickest way to convert that to MPG: divide 235 by the value you have and you get the other. Convert 100 Km To Miles.You can only upload videos smaller than 600MB. You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm). Alternatively the conversion tables show conversions for commonly used values. UK Imperial US Customary. Miles per Gallon to Kilometres per Litre (mpg to kpl) Miles per GallonThe conversion formula for converting from miles per US Customary gallon to litres per 100 km is as follows Convert US miles per gallon to Imperial mpg, or L/100 km, etc Enter or change a value and press "convert" to calculate energy consumption units in various formats. See below for formulas used. How many km/l in 1 mpg? The answer is 0.42514370622529.

Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Want other units? You can do the reverse unit conversion from mpg to km/l, or enter any two units below Photo: Convert l100km to mpg formula. Related topicsconversion l 100km to mpg canada. This is the way gas milerage is rated in Australia, liters per 100km, I can do the math to make the conversion for any amount of liters, but dont have a general formula.6 60miles, no problem.60/2.524MPG is there a simpler way? Для совсем ленивых 235.2/MPG Л/100 км А зависимость нелинейная видимо под влиянием рома Тему создавал еще в самом начале присутствия на форуме :) MPG -> л/км. 1 mile per gallon 0.425143707 kilometers per liter FYI this was answered by a exact pasteing of question into Google.

How do you convert miles per gallon to liters per 100 kilometers? Use this formula: mpg x 235.2 liters per 100 km. Welcome to our kilometers/liter to miles/gallon (km/l to mpg) conversion calculator. You can enter a value in either the kilometers/liter or miles/gallon input fields. For an understanding of the conversion process, we include step by step and direct conversion formulas. mpg formula Read articles that related to :mpg formula mpg formula - mpg formula calculator - mpg formula excel - mpg formula 1 car - mpg formula uk - mpg formula 1 - formula mpg calculation - formula mpg to l 100km - formula mpg to km/l - formula mpg to l/100 - Bellow. миль на британский галлон (mpg).Единицы: км на галлон (km/gal) / галлон на 100 км (gal/100km). Не можете найти нужную единицу? Miles/gallon to liters /100 kilometer ( mpg to l/100 km ) Metric conversion calculator. Includes thousands of additional conversions, algebraic formulas, search tool, Location: Southlake, Texas, United States. The new labels also show for the first time an estimate of how much fuel or electricity it takes to drive 100 miles (160 km), introducing to U.SThe miles per gallon equivalent cost of an alternative fuel vehicle can be calculated by a simple formula to directly compare the MPG operating costs (rather It appears that the formula to convert between miles per US gallon (MPG) and liters per 100 km (l/100km) is approximately 235.2 / x . The same. MPG to L/100 km conversion chart: blue: US gallon, red: imperial gallon. It appears that the formula to convert between miles per US gallon (MPG) and liters per 100 km (l/100km) is approximately 235.2 / x . The same formula converts in both directions. Kilometer mile conversion formula unit conversion kilometers per liter km l to miles gallon mpg equation time equals 140 miles over 70 per hour which resolves to mi to km converter factor formula ratio equation time equals 140 milesUnit Conversion Kilometers Per Liter Km L To Miles Gallon. MPG (IMPERIAL). L/100km. 94 miles per gallon equals. How do I program excel to read a "mpg" value in one cell and display its conversion to " l/100 km" in another cell? (ie. how would the conversion formula be written)? Введите число Миль на галлон (mpg), которое вы хотите преобразовать в текстовое поле, чтобы увидеть результаты в таблице. Метрический Литров на км (l/km) Литров на 10 км (l/10 km) Литров на 100 км (l/100km) Километров на литр ( km/l) Американские Миль на галлон (mpg) km l to mpg formula. 100 km l to mpg. how many kilometers are in a liter. Keyword Suggestions These are some keyword suggestions for the term "L Km To Mpg".Gallery images and information: L Km To Mpg. pic source 2015 Mercedes-Benz S50 1920 x 1080 jpeg 731kB. If youd like to convert from kilometers per liter to miles per gallon(US), select kpl from the drop down. To learn how to calculate your automobiles average/mileage - mpg, kpl(kmpl), fuel economy, click here. Лично я еще не делал адаптацию своего авто и у меня возник вопрос: как пересчитать расход из MPG в литры на 100км?!Абсолютно верно Хотя я сам езжу с km/l (японский стандарт) и на то есть веские причины Calculate L/100km to MPG and MPG to L/100 km Fuel Economy Efficiency Online Conversion Calculator - Converter.Car / SUV fuel efficiency can be calculated in either MPG or l/100 km ( miles per gallon or Liters per 100 kilometers ). In the following conversion formulas, MPGUS refers to miles per U.S. gallon, MPGIMP refers to miles per Imperial gallon, KMPL (or simply KPL) refers to kilometres per litre ( km/l) and LPHKM refers to litres per 100To simplify the the formulas, they do not specify the units. To MPG (US). Перевод расхода топлива MPG в л/100км и обратно л/100км в MPG может быть произведен при помощи он-лайн калькулятораДаже если мы проигнорируем минусовое значение, полученное число 13 всё равно будет неверным, потому что 44 mpg 5.35 L/100 km. Destination unit: mile per gallon(UK) (mpg).Converter. You are currently converting fuel consumption units from kilometer per litre to mile per gallon(UK). 1 km/l 2.824809363 mpg. Мили/галлон США (US MPG), Мили/галлон имперский (Imperial MPG), литры/морская миля ( l/nm), л/100 км и км/литр. Таблица. Перевод единиц потребления топлива транспортными средствами (бензина или дизельного топлива). US miles per gallon is calculated as the number of miles traveled per US gallon (not to be confused with Imperial gallon). The symbol for US miles per gallon is US mpg. What is Liters per 100 kilometers (L/100km)? Keyword SuggestionsKm l to mpg formulaKml to mpg equation Articles on "Mpg To L 100km Formula L 100km To Mpg Excel Formula". Related products. Russ wrote: > How do I program excel to read a "mpg" value in one cell and display its > conversion to " l/100 km" in another cell? (ie. how would the conversion > formula be written)? You need to know if it is an English gallon or a US gallon (they are different). Понять это очень просто : MPG Miles Per Gallon — то есть то, сколько миль машина может проехать на 1 галлоне топлива. Миля 1.6 км, галлон в американском случае 3.78 литра. Первая цифра(18) — расход в городе, вторая(26) — на трассе. l km to mpg conversion to kmpl. (alt.) Ten suggestions found (max, btw.), excellent! While residents in the United States are used to seeing fuel efficiency as mpg (miles per gallon), there are many other areas of the world that use l/100 km (liters per 100 kilometers). To convert you can use a simple formula and complete the necessary calculation. Convert miles per gallon to kilometers per liter (mpg to kml, kpl or kmpl). Please enter the MPG value to convert to km/l. Miles per Gallon (US) to Km/l. Mpg. No decimal 1 decimal 2 decimal 3 decimal 4 decimal 5 decimal 6 decimal. Convert km/litre to miles per gallon i.e. multiply km/litre by 2.825.Formula to use. km per litre to litres per 100 km. Файл:Chart MPG to L-100km v2009-10-08.svg. Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. Перейти к: навигация, поиск.Conversion formula used: L/100km282.4809363/UK Gallon. For example, 18 MPG city Convert Mpg (US) to Liters per 100 km, mpg (US) to l/100km conversion, 1 mpg (US) 235. The first think to notice is that oneThe formula is mpg 235. Conversion included for both US and UK gallons and for converting litres per 100km (l/100km) used in some countries. MPG - miles per US gallon l/100km - litres for 100 km.

The used formula is: mpg 235.214584 / DIN.Miles per gallon converted to miles per kWh. You think Your car drives with gasoline and has nothing to do with kWh. Convert Miles Per Gallon (MPG) to Litres per 100 Kilometres (km) and vice versa.Examples of car fuel consumption conversions: Use the following links for quick MPG/litre conversions - MPG Formula | How to Calculate Miles Online calculators to convert US mpg to L/100km and L/100km to US mpg with conversion tables. Our conversions provide a quick Published on Mar 11, 2017. convert mpg to kpl formula. More Tags:mp4 to ogg,convert to wma file,vob to dvd,mp4 to flv mac,convert tivo to mp4,mkv to dvd software,turn flv to mp4Unit Conversion: 30 miles/gallon (mpg) to kilometers/liter (km/L) - Duration: 4:13. chem101csub 19,078 views. Перевод расхода топлива MPG в л/100 км (Перевод миль на галлон (амер.) в литры на 100 километров) л./100 км в MPG и MPG в L/100km.Топливная экономичность американских автомобилей (MPG) рассчитывается в милях на американский галлон ( miles/gallon). Welcome to our miles/gallon to liters/100 kilometer (mpg to l/100 km) conversion calculator.For an understanding of the conversion process, we include step by step and direct conversion formulas. If youd like to perform a different conversion

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